How to buy vehicle by using BUYCARKOREA.COM

1. VEHICLE CHOISE Choose a vehicle you want
2. INQUIRY Send us inquiry of model you are interested in
3. CHECKINGBUYCARKOREA check the vehicle in stock
4. CONFIRMATIONConfirm your request and prepay 10% of the vehicle
5. INSPECTIONVehicle is inspected and photos are sent to you
6. CONFIRMATIONConfirm the vehicle lastly and prepay 40% of the vehicle
7. PURCHASINGPurchase the vehicle and request another services
8. DOCUMENTBUYCARKOREA sends B/L for export
9. PAYMENTPay the rest 50% of the vehicle
10. SHIPPINGShipping the vehicle to port of your country
Ro-ro ships are intended for cars, trailers, and railway cars' transportaion. The vessels are divede into 2 groups according to the way of loading and uloading ship. These ships are equipped with a special rampant, which lets a car roll on the ship and roll off from it. Usually large ocean ships are referred to this type. At first, cars and other types of vehicles were considered as usual load, but because of the particularity of the vehicles and growth of delieveries of cars from Japan, USA, South Korea, it became necessary to introduce a new type of the vessel for quick loading and uloading of cars. So there appeared a new type of vessel, which is called ro-ro ship.

Freighters are intended for packaged cargo and cargo in parcels' transportiaon. There are dry-cargo ships, taker cargo ships and ships for combined freight. Sometimes freighters are used as carriers for industrall and constructing equipment, and also for heavy and large cars, such as buses and trucks. But the ships don't have a regular schedule and the quantity of harbors, whic are able to take the, is limited.

At the end of 60th among vessels there apeeared a new method of transportiaon in a special box, whic name is container. This universal package gives a great labor saving during the loading; when a container is standard and equipmetn of the ship is appropriate, the loading and uloading of cargo is quick and the use of place on the ship is rational. There are tow main types of containers: ISO-containers, which size is 6.1 x 2.44 x 2.44 m and containers, whic siez is 12.2 x 2.44 x 2.44. The first one is around 50% of worlds quantity and the second is around 20%.

Total price of vehicle


Payment terms

1. The total amout is to paid till the shipping date.
2. The buyer is to pay the total amount till the shipping by T/T.
3. The discussed pre-payment (10%-50% of the total price) is to be paid during 3 working days after the day, when contract has been signed, or during 3 days, after receiving the proforma invoice from DAESHIN CORPORATION.
4. The left amount of money is to be paid during 7 days after pre-payment.
5. The pre-payment isn't give back, even if the buyer cancels the order without any reasonable factors.
6. The buyer may pay the whole amount by T/T during 3 days after receiving proforma invoice.
7. The buyer is to send us the document of payment by fax or e-mail. (T/T slip)


1. In case, if the buyer plans to come to Korea for checking and testing vehicle, he is to pay 10% of vehicle price. He is going to order for the direct inspection.
2. In case, if the buyer and our company sign the contract for a collection of a special kind of vehicles or of the quantity, he is to prepay the amount of money, discussed in the contract, before the buying of vehicles.