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Choosing vehicle is one of the most important parts in your deal. There is ton of moments you should know before buying one. Our specialist will help you to walk through it. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about vehicles and our services

How to choose vehicle?

faqDo you want to buy vehicle directly from Korea? Don’t know how to start? What to do? 

There is a lot offers on domestic market of Korea and it is important to understand, how to choose and why choose this one. At first, you should understand, that it is used vehicle and there might be problems when  you get vehicle in your country, but our work is to give you as much information as we can, so you can decide if you are ok with this vehicle. We provide detailed photo and video inspection to our clients.

Also, it is important to understand, that every country has its own regulation in case with used cars. Usually it is manufacturing year. There might be limits in your country, this means, that too old vehicle might be too expensive when you try to do customs clearance. That is why check this regulations to customs clearance agents in your country.

When you clearly know import regulations in your country, you can start searching vehicle on BUYCARKOREA. Please do not worry if you didn’t find one for you, you also can left us inquiry and we will try to find vehicle for you. To left inquiry just contact us by WhatsApp or contact form.

Receive as much information as you can. If you are not satisfied with provided photos, you can ask for checking service. It will cost additional charges but it is better to have whole picture before buying. But usually, there is enough photos to check quality of vehicle.

Also we can provide video report with additional comments.

What to pay attention at on photos?

If it is your first time in purchasing vehicle from another country, there is a few points you should check on photos.

  1. Make sure, that you have VIN number photo and it is the same, that in car information on BUYCARKOREA.COM
  2. Check for any corrosion, displacement of vehicle parts
  3. Check video of engine, and make sure that engine sound is good and there is no blow-by gas issues.
  4. Check if options is right
  5. Check tier condition, wheel condition
  6. Check for glass damage

It is the shortest but basic list of points you should check. Purchasing vehicle from another country is always risky, that is why be sure, that you are dealing with company you can trust.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

I want more photos, is it possible?

Usually seller uploads 30-40 photos per unit. If you need more detailed checking you can use “Car Checking Service”. It is not free, but it is the best way to have whole information about vehicle. Service price is USD$200. You will receive up to 90-100 photos + detailed video + comments.

I don't understand options. Can you help me?

Please do no hesitate to send us any questions about vehicle on our website. We will try to give you as much information as we can.

It is always difficult to make a payment while you don’t actually see vehicle in front of you. But we are here to make you purchasing easier and safe


Payment is very important part of purchasing process.

Usually we allow TT money transfer to our bank account. Also, you can use paypal or credit card payments to put deposit on vehicle.

*Deposit is important in case if you want to make sure, that this vehicle didn’t go to another buyer while you transfer money and etc.

BUYCARKOREA handles whole process of purchasing vehicle. That is why your money is safe with us. Once we receive your money we make booking for your vehicle. It means, that nobody else can buy this vehicle. Seller receives payment only after we receive your vehicle in port or our yard. Until this your money is with us. 


You can cancel booking of your vehicle only before you made a payment. Once we receive money we do booking and seller stops selling vehicle you choose. 

Cancellation of vehicle is available only with penalty fee. Penalty fee is 10% of total vehicle price ($500 for vehicle under $5,000). That is why be sure, when you make a payment


Yes, we can accept your payment via credit card or PayPal, but there will be additional charges. Contact our staff for more detailed information.


Yes, you can split the payment, but you should paid the full amount of the invoice 3 days before shipping day. Other way, your vehicle will not be proceed to shipping.


Sometimes there is delays or issues while transferring money to another country. At first, please contact your bank and check if payment went through and if there any issues. Most common issues is misspelling of account holder, account number and other basic information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find any issues on your side